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Subject Commons - FileUpload - DefaultFileItem
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2003 15:37:53 GMT
I just finished writing a class that is almost identical (via cut-n-paste)
to the DefaultFileItem class except that it supports ZIP/GZIP files (and
automatically unzips them on the fly).  This allows our web application to
put the unzipped files in a directory for processing by another application
without going through an additional step to unzip them after they are

My question is: Does anyone know why the constructor for this class is
package scope, instead of protected? My reason for asking is that if you
could inherit from this, you could make customized file handlers based on
the content type and simply override/extend whichever methods seemed
appropriate.  In my case, I would only need to override the write() method.
With the way the class is now, you can't inherit it from it because it
doesn't have a public or protected constructor.
I don't want to add my code in to the org.apache.commons.fileupload package
since I would like to leave this code alone and in its own .jar.

TIA for any help or opinions.


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