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From "Ash .." <>
Subject [lang] DateUtils proposal, standard date generators
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2003 11:46:41 GMT
The following date generators in the o.a.c.l.t.Dateutils class might be 
useful. Requesting feedback.

public static Calendar getCalendarXxxAgo(int value)
public static Date getDateXxxAgo(int value)

Xxx = weeks, days, months, years, ...

Calendar jobJoinDate = DateUtils.getCalendarYearsAgo(10);


public static Calendar getCalendarXxxHence(int value)
public static Date getDateXxxHence(int value)

Calendar taskProcrastinationPeriod = Calendar.getCalendarDaysHence(3);

Further, the special cases of value == 1, may be provided as special 

getLastMonth(), getNextMonth(), etc.

Request feedback. I might want to implement this, thow getDateDaysHence(val) 
val could be high



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