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From Jörg Schaible <>
Subject RE: [Jelly-Tags SOAP] patched project.xml to run demo
Date Tue, 09 Dec 2003 08:30:15 GMT
Paul Libbrecht wrote on Monday, December 08, 2003 8:08 PM:
> Are you sure it's the only ones needed. Last week I managed
> to compile
> this taglib and it's quite a hell to get along (outside of j2ee).
> Your project.xml update is badly missing URLs on how to get these
> dependencies.

You can't, since all these jars from Sun where removed from ibiblio because of the license.
Therefore my question, what did the other projects do with these dependencies? There must
be others too, since this applies also to javamail, jdbc core, saaj, xmlprc, jaxr, ...

> In particular, I know no official place to get that
> evil jax-qname (which is just one class) nor did I find the version
> in the web-services-packs I downloaded...

They are in the j2ee 1.4 release. I created on a server a local Maven repository with the
proper layout and file namesd to fullfil these dependencies. As alternative I could have used with something like

maven.jar.override = on
maven.jar.saaj-api = $(j2ee.home)/lib/saaj-api.jar

But even this assumes the user run maven with -Dj2ee.home=Whaterver.

> For all of them, I've put
> as URL but I am
> really no happy with it (it's also a 30 Mb download and an
> "interactive installer"... not really the breeze of a maven download).

AFAIK you can't without vialoating the license.

> It would be good to find better URLs.
> It would be great to get rid of qname (but I really don't how
> yet). Maybe the trick would be to haunt people at Sun so that
> they do their
> things in a more accessible fashion, and even require an
> open-repository and maven-controlled project.

Hey, the Sun controles the live of an Apache, but an Apache (even if named Geronimo) does
not control the course of the Sun ... 

IHMO you cannot solve the problem, you can only document it. So point the user for jelly-soap
to j2ee 1.4 and add a link to the Maven overriding mechanism and/or the local repository layout
in Maven's User Guide. Since the problem is not Jelly-specific, but a general problem with
Maven, it might be interesting to improve that Guide regarding the Sun jars.


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