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From "Andre Schild" <>
Subject Antw: Re: Moving up to JVM 1.4+
Date Wed, 31 Dec 2003 11:47:40 GMT
>>> 31.12.2003 11:35:47 >>>
>On 30-Dec-03, at 22:08 Uhr, Phil Steitz wrote:
> David Graham wrote:
>> There will always be users that will complain when changing Java 
>> versions.
>>    The only semi-valid reason I've heard to not upgrade to 1.4 is that
>> product X requires 1.3 and product X is expensive.
These are reasons, but more important is the fact, that often the
very latest JVM isn't available on all platforms we target.
One example is the long time it took apple to get the 1.4 running
on OS-X.

>But clearly, if there's a good reason to choose 1.4, no need to abandon 
I agree with this.

When it's a good reason, then going for 1.4 is ok.

The older versions running on 1.3 only get bug/security fixes but no 
new features.

>(I wonder what can be a good reason, and I think it should be 
>justified, for example, I am not sure requiring JDK 1.4 is enough to 
>simply not have to include jaxp). So basically, before making such a 
>decision, I would invite people to discuss reasons...

There must be a discussion about going to 1.4 as only JVM or not.

In general, only developing a product for the very latest "environment" isn't
going to give a big installed basis (read market share).

There are several reasons not make each upgrade as soon a the vendor
has published it.

In component environments it's common to support the latest two versions
of the other components. I know myself of the pains of having 2 versions
to maintain, but actually there is no way arround this.

So when 1.5 will come out (hopefully) in summer 04, we could the probably drop
support for the 1.3 VM's


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