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From Marcus Schie├čer <>
Subject new project proposal: XML based glue language/component assembly
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2004 14:48:06 GMT
hi folks,

noel bergman from the incubator mailing list gave me the hint, that my
project would fit to the commons project. i wrote a versatile container
for software components that could be embedded in different frameworks.
i am using this right now as a container for web components (container
embedded in a servlet engine). 
but the project could also be seen as an XML based glue language for
component assembly, therefore noel thought the commons project would
fit. to get a community for the project, i would very much like to
donate my project to yours, so hopefully you are interessted. For more
information about the project consult the web site under: please keep in mind, that webzap is not the
container/glue language itself, but is using the container (needs to be
extracted from that project). there is also a paper available which
explains the technology of the container:
don't hesitate to contact me for any comments. any help is appreciated,
really ;)



the message from noel:


If this is a relatively small set of code performing XML directed
assembly, it might be worth presenting it to for inclusion within the sandbox.  The
code does sound useful, and there may be enough folks interested in it
(plus the two current developers you mentioned to me).

If there is interest in Jakarta Commons, and I think there might be,
then it should not take too long to pass it through the Incubator to
Jakarta Commons.

	--- Noel

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