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From Thomas Pl├╝mpe <>
Subject Re: compare XML file and generate a differential XML file
Date Sun, 04 Jan 2004 11:55:22 GMT
> I want to create a differential XML file out of two XML files. I believe i would have
to use some Object Model to generate object tree out of both XMLs
> and then compare them to find the difference and write out the differential XML.
You should probably ask this question on a Java and/or XML developer

Anyway, are you sure you want to do this yourself? It's a problem that
requires quite a bit of thought/effort/time and there are several tools
available (just search for "xmldiff", "xml diff", "diff xml" and throw a
"java" in here or there), e.g. (Python), (JDOM, open source), and (Xerces2-J, open source).

In certain cases pretty printing the XML and doing a normal text diff
with jrcs may also be sufficient:

Please let me know which of the tools you find helpful should you get
around to try them.


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