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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: FeedParser in CVS with Atom Support (migrate to Jakarta Commons)
Date Sun, 25 Jan 2004 19:53:15 GMT
On 25 Jan 2004, at 19:35, Tim O'Brien wrote:

> Kevin A. Burton wrote:
>> Awesome... ok.  So does this mean I can go forward with the sandbox?  
>> I would like to move code into the sandbox, change the package and 
>> source organization inline with Apache policy, and then attract other 
>> developers from the Atom/RSS community.
> :-)  Well, there's a hitch.  We can't approve new committers for 
> components which are in the sandbox.  You'll have to attract members 
> of the existing ASF community.

i wonder whether kevin (as an old apache hand) is talking about 
developers rather than committers.

>> I think this process will take about a month or so... then I would 
>> like to address going through the incubator or moving to a commons 
>> project at that point.
>> Make sense?
> No, Board policy on this is clear.  Donating existing source code with 
> community goes through the Incubator.

well spotted tim.

if the code needs to go through the incubator, the it should go through 
straight away with the minimum of fuss. IIRC the thrust of the thread 
on this matter was that since kevin's a apache committer and the 
copyright is his alone so it's moot point whether the board policy 
requires incubation when this is the case.

if it does require incubation then IMHO it should really just be about 
ensuring all the legalities have been completed and the code 
successfully contributed to the ASF. AIUI there isn't an outside body 
of committers requiring education, just kevin (an existing committer) 
trying to bring code he's created into the ASF.

anyway, deciding this seems (to me) like a pmc matter so now's probably 
the right time for someone (else ;) to move the is-incubation-required 
debate to general...

> For precisely the above reason, as a matter of operating procedure we 
> can't approve new committers for sandbox components.


- robert

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