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From Martin Cooper <>
Subject Re: [net] Branching
Date Fri, 02 Jan 2004 18:52:17 GMT
On Fri, 2 Jan 2004, Daniel F. Savarese wrote:

> In message <>, Jeffrey D. Brekke writes:
> >Daniel, I agree with all your ideas, but it seems to me you can branch
> >from any tagged point in the revision history so I'm not sure what the
> >idea is behind deleting/renaming the tags.
> All I was getting at was what to name the tag.  My understanding was
> that a tag needs to be created as a branch.  I should have used

Sorry for jumping in here without having been following the thread (and
without having the older messages to refer to any more). However, I wanted
to point out that there are two distinct types of tags in CVS. Branches
affect future commits, and are harder to change your mind about after the
fact. Labels are just that - a label at a particular point in time - and
can pretty much be moved around at will after the fact. If you already
knew that, sorry for bothering you. ;-)

Martin Cooper

> a concrete example.  I was asking which of:
>    cvs rtag -b -r NET_1_0_0 NET_1_1_0_MAINTENANCE jakarta-commons/net
> or
>    cvs rtag -b -r NET_1_0_0 NET_FOO jakarta-commons/net
>    cvs rtag -d NET_1_0_0 jakarta-commons/net
>    cvs rtag -b -r NET_FOO NET_1_0_0 jakarta-commons/net
>    cvs rtag -d NET_FOO
> we wanted to go with (NET_1_1_0_MAINTENANCE is just for example purposes;
> any other name indicating it's a branch will do).  As Noel said, this
> stuff is easier with Subversion.
> >Given that, as per Steve's message, we can make 1.1 compatibilty
> >changes on HEAD, release and tag, and branch from that point in the
> >future when/if there are bug fixes required?
> +1.  That's easier and avoids the issue altogether.  I guess we'd make
> NET_1_1_1 a branch tag in that case.  I've got JDK 1.1.8v1 lying
> around on my development server if you want me to hunt for and correct
> any other 1.1 incompatibilities.  Otherwise, if Steve's game, he
> could do it pretty quickly and get on with his work.  I won't be
> back home until tomorrow afternoon and my currently erratic email
> polling combined with my being subscribed to the mailing list digest
> means I won't be able to act on anything until tomorrow afternoon.
> daniel
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