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From "Daniel F. Savarese" <>
Subject Re: Next Steps - WAS Re: [net] VMSFTPEntryParser bug?
Date Fri, 02 Jan 2004 19:09:52 GMT

In message <>, steve cohen writes:
>This code was calling a method in ORO that returned a Collection, also not 
>JDK1.1 compatible.  Since the older ORO method that returned a Vector had 
>been deprecated, I looked at what it was doing, which was simply splitting a 
>string on a comma.  This was an overkill use of ORO, easily replicated with a 

Oh yeah, it's way better to use StringTokenizer when you're splitting
on just a constant string rather than an actual regular expression.
However, if there's anything that doesn't work in 1.1 because of ORO,
I can get off of my ass and finally do the multi-version compilation
support we'd talked about on oro-dev.  We wanted to use conditional
compilation to simultaneously support J2ME, J2SE 1.2, and J2SE 1.4.
J2ME support effectively makes it JDK 1.1 compatible, so we could also
throw in a JDK 1.1 target.  The changes are minor; the equivalent of a few
ifdefs.  But it keeps J2ME folks from having to make the changes
themselves and will take care of any Commons Net users who complain
about Net breaking on JDK 1.1 because of ORO.  At any rate, if the
ORO dependency is the only thing preventing 1.1 compatibility I can
take care of that over the next week.


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