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From steve cohen <>
Subject Re: [net] checked in parser factory implementation
Date Sat, 03 Jan 2004 21:03:38 GMT
That's a thorny one.

Problem is, the current implementations of FTPFileEntryParser, also, for 
reasons of backward compatibility, implement FTPFileListParser.  I don't 
remember exactly why I did that but there was a reason.  But the problem is 
that deprecating FTPFileListParser will deprecate every parser currently in 
the package.

Another source of confusion was out-of-date documentation.  There were 
documents for FTPFileEntryParser related stuff that referred to 
FTPFileListParser in the usage section.  I've cleaned that up too.

I think the new functionality I've added, which supports both autodetection of 
parser and specification of parser either by classname or key ("UNIX", "VMS", 
etc.) will go a long way to making this easier to deal with.  The key is to 
now use the new FTPClient.getFileList() methods in place of 
FTPClient.listFiles().  They can use the autodetect feature and never get 
near the question of which parser interface to use.  Even if specifying by 
key, all these internals are handled for them.  It really should be lots 
better.  If anything needs deprecation at this point, I would say it might be 

Then, if we have time, maybe we can look at refactoring the whole mess.

On Saturday 03 January 2004 12:47 pm, Jeffrey D. Brekke wrote:
> One other item I was hoping to clear up before the next release is the
> multiple parsers. There are the entry and list parsers, and I think
> users get confused on which one to use.  I'd vote for deprecating the
> list parsers, and/or implementing the existing list parsers with an
> implementation that uses the entry parsers.  That way we are parsing
> with one implementation?
> I don't really have the time to get this done right now, so I can live
> with whatever gets done ;) And I have no problem, even prefer, small
> and frequent releases also.
> >>>>> On Fri, 02 Jan 2004 16:25:31 -0600, steve cohen
> >>>>> <> said:
> >
> > I have now committed the changes needed to have a factory object for
> > creating FTPFileEntryParser objects to be created.  This will enable
> > a better interface with Ant and also enable an autodetect scheme to
> > be written.
> >
> > This code was checked in to the HEAD branch, that is post the
> > NET_1_1_1 branch I created yesterday.
> >
> > I don't know what else is expected for a 1.2 release.  I have the
> > following issues which I alluded to in messages earlier today:
> >
> > 1) I think* should be deprecated.
> > 2) It would be nice to have the issues associated with
> > AIXFTPFileEntryParser which I mentioned in an earlier message
> > resolved.
> >
> > I am moderately in a hurry to get this released so that I can begin
> > work on getting this release into Ant to solve our problems there.
> >
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