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From "Daniel F. Savarese" <>
Subject Re: [net] 1.2 release (Re: [net] checked in parser factory implementation)
Date Tue, 06 Jan 2004 20:06:42 GMT

In message <>, steve cohen writes:
>Except for the issue outlined below (re FTPFileListParser deprecation) my 
>latest commit have implemented everything that Daniel discussed earlier 

Great!  I added caching of the system name to avoid issuing SYST to the
server for every listing.  I also cached the entry parser to avoid
creating a new one on every listing.  Those changes assume the value of
SYST never changes during the lifetime of an FTP session.  If anyone
knows that to be an invalid assumption, please say let us know so we
can back out the optimization.

>Once we have agreement on what to do about FTPFileListParser, I can make those

I jumped the gun and deprecated FTPFileListParser and copied parseFileList
to FTPFileEntryParser.  It doesn't break anything and it's the direction
we seemed to be headed in based on the current state of the discussion.  We
can always back it out if need be.  I also deleted all of the code in
DefaultFTPFileListParser and changed the class to extend UnixFTPEntryParser,
adding a note indicating the class would be removed in version 2.0.  That
should take care of the maintenance issue Jeffrey raised while preserving
a smooth migration.


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