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From (Oliver Heger)
Subject Re: [Latka]Following references
Date Thu, 01 Jan 2004 09:48:36 GMT

I provided this patch a couple of weeks ago and got no reaction. So I 
just want to ask whether there is anybody who has an eye on patches and 
further development of this component.

BTW: Has there ever been a release of Latka?


Oliver Heger wrote:

> Hi,
> as I have promised I created a patch (in bugzilla, bug ID is 25487) 
> that adds the feature of extracting references from downloaded pages 
> to Latka. These references can be refered to in later <request> tags.
> The basic idea is that there are three new Jelly tags - link, form and 
> frame - that can be put in the body of a <request> tag. With the 
> attributes of these tags it is possible to refer to a corresponding 
> reference on a page that has already been downloaded. The tags alter 
> the actual request to load the URL defined by this reference. To 
> demonstrate I have written an alternative version of the 
> TestCommonsWebsite.xml script that makes use of these new tags.
> Some remarks to the code:
> There is a new package o.a.c.latka.html that contains the classes for 
> parsing HTML pages and extracting references. I could not use the 
> URLExtractor class in the attic for this purpose because I had to 
> obtain much more information from the page, e.g. the body of the <a> 
> tags or hidden input fields in the body of a <form> tag.
> The RequestImpl class had to be slightly modified to allow sub tags of 
> the <request> tag to change the URL of the actual request (creation of 
> the HttpMethod object is now deferred). Also the ResponseImpl class 
> now maintains an object with all references extracted from this page, 
> which is created on demand.
> I hope that I have met all coding style guides. Please have a look at 
> the code and let me know what you think. If you decide to apply the 
> patch, I can also provide some documentation updates.
> Regards
> Oli
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