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From (Jeffrey D. Brekke)
Subject Re: [net] checked in parser factory implementation
Date Tue, 06 Jan 2004 03:34:01 GMT
>>>>> On Mon, 05 Jan 2004 12:07:28 -0600, steve cohen <>


> 4) rename getFileList(String parserKey, String pathname) to
> listFiles(String parserKey, String pathname).  Even though
> autodetection will be the primary use case, it already will not work
> for every system (see EnterpriseUnix) and there must be some way
> around it.  This is that way.


I don't believe this method needs to be public.  It seems that the
listFiles(FTPFileEntryParser parser, String pathname) is sufficient.
A fully-qualified classname is required for the EnterpriseUnix use
case anyway, right?  And if you want to use autodetection, just use
the listFiles(String pathname) version.

Jeffrey D. Brekke                         
Wisconsin,  USA                           

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