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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: new project proposal: Type Conversion Library
Date Mon, 19 Jan 2004 22:55:45 GMT
hi ron

IIRC there is a proto-project in the sandbox along these lines called 
convert. convertutils (in beanutils) is ok but is handicapped by 
backwards compatibility. it's been lacking momentum for some while but 
it's might be easier to revive that project that create a new one.

it's probably good that you don't have much code (just - hopefully - 
enthusiasm) since that avoids any thorny questions of importing 
external code. i'd suggest that you take a look at the convert project 
and about ways to take it forward. then next phase would be writing 
some patches and submitting them. (it might be wise to see whether they 
are any committers willing to act as mentors for convert before putting 
too much work in.)

here are some urls:

but there's quite a lot else on the web site and the wiki if you're 
willing to look hard enough.

- robert

On 19 Jan 2004, at 22:07, Ron Blaschke wrote:

> I am posting this here because I think commons would be the
> right place to put such a library.  Please tell me if it's not.
> The idea is to allow conversion for (almost?) any object into another.
> I'd like to see code such as this working:
> Object a = new Integer(10);
> Object b = "120";
> assertEquals(new Integer(10),
>              TypeConverter.convert(a, Integer.class));
> assertEquals(new Integer(120),
>              TypeConverter.convert(b, Integer.class));
> Of course, it should be extensible, and maybe allow for transitive
> conversions, eg
> class Seconds extends Time {}
> TypeConverter.registerConverter(Integer.class, Seconds.class, /* some
> converter object here */);
> assertEquals(new Seconds(25), TypeConverter.convert("25",
> Seconds.class); /* done via String -> Integer -> Seconds conversion */
> Or add some constraint checking:
> System.out.println(new Integer(128).byteValue()); /* prints -128; is
> that what you wanted? */
> Currently, I have only my ideas to donate (ie, no code yet), and have
> not previously contributed to jakarta, so any guidance is appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Ron
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