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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject Re: [all] Project consistency (was Re: [math] Re: Getting started questions)
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2004 15:43:34 GMT

Brent Redeker wrote:
> On Feb 3, 2004, at 6:54 AM, Mark R. Diggory wrote:
>> Here,here! I recommend using the maven generated, ant build.xml over 
>> the maven project.xml for developer building and testing. This then 
>> requires no dependencies on parent project.xml and it runs 
>> independently in just about any IDE. I reserve my own usage of Maven 
>> more for building site/releases, in which case you do need the 
>> dependency on the parent project.xml.
> I think this is a good suggestion. While I was setting myself up to be 
> able to read/compile the sources, I really had little need to use Maven 
> - build.xml is enough to compile and test the math project (and I assume 
> Maven uses this as part of the process in creating a jar). Still, from 
> what I can see, Maven might have uses for things other than just 
> creating the web site and release builds. It downloads correct versions 
> of all dependency jars, saving a little bit of work. Also, I imagine 
> that if somebody makes documentation changes, they would need to do a 
> 'maven site:generate' to see what the changes actually will look like.

Yes, this is correct, But, at least in the math xdocs, I've provided an 
xsl stylesheet that mimics the xdoc transform so that you can loosely 
see what the contents will look like when generated (or at least verify 
that the xml file is valid. Try looking at any of the math/xdocs in 
Mozilla or I.E. you should see what I mean then.

The build.xml file in math is actually generated by calling "maven ant" 
which creates the build.xml (with the same dependencies as would ahve 
been resolved by maven itself. Maven doesn't actually use this build.xml 
file after this point though. So Mavne and build.xml will both generate 
  approvximately the same jar contents, but any customization to the 
maven jar goals (via pre/postGoals in the maven.xml) will result in 
contents being different in the long run.

> Although I'm new here, this thread kind of started because of my 
> question. So my suggestion is that (perhaps in the Developer's Guide), 
> using just build.xml for development should be encouraged.

Good Point.

> But for 
> people who want to use Maven (for some reason or other), there could be 
> instructions that say exactly which files/directories need to be checked 
> out from jakarta-commons in addition to the jakarta-commons/math module. 

Yes, sensible. Ultimately I wish that the gloabal project contents were 
not housed in the jakarta-commons root directory, but in another 
"subproject" directory, then the two projects could be checked out in 
the same directory (eclipse workspace for instance) and easily built 
without having to get all the other commons projects. This would be 
something to bring up to everyone on the developers list. Then all 
project.xml would do something like


All that wold be required to checkout and build any project would be:

cvs checkout site

cvs checkout math

This would also keep all the site dependencies well organized would it not?

> This won't reduce external Maven dependencies, though. If there really 
> is a desire to reduce external dependencies, could a second project.xml 
> file be created in math that removes references to '../project.xml'? 
> Then Maven could be called with 'maven -p onlymath.xml' (unless I 
> misunderstand the -p switch), and this would be used only by developers 
> who want less to download from CVS.


Mark Diggory
Software Developer
Harvard MIT Data Center

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