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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject Re: [commons-build] The maven sites
Date Thu, 19 Feb 2004 12:45:01 GMT

Dennis Lundberg wrote:

> I've been building the sites for some of the commons components using 
> Maven and the all-new-and-shiny common build system. Great work on this 
> everybody! Here are a few issues I have found:
> 1. Indicator for collapsed menu-items
> If you use the common L&F by setting this in a components 
> maven.xdoc.jsl=../commons-build/commons-site.jsl
> there is no visual indicator that let the user know that "Project Info" 
> and "Project Reports" are actually collapsed and contain other stuff 
> beneath them. If you remove the line above you get a tiny arrow as an 
> indicator (at least with xdocs-plugin 1.5). I think we need such an 
> indicator.

Henri's last build has indicator icons for these.

> 2. Empty "Project Reports" page
> The default setting in commons-build/project.xml is to include no 
> reports. This still produces a meny-item called "Project Reports" which 
> contains an empty list of reports. Is it possible to have this menu-item 
> removed if there are no reports? Or this an issue with Maven? On the 
> other hand is there any report that should be mandatory?

License at least.

I had included the list of reports, but commented them out. I thought 
this could/should be a future discussion. I think there should be a 
standard set of reports for each project. individual projects should be 
capable of adding to it.

> 3. What parts of commons-build/project.xml should not be overridden
> There is plenty of useful stuff in commons-build/project.xml. When going 
> through the project.xml-files of the different components there are a 
> few parts that show up in the exact same form (more or less) as in 
> commons-build/project.xml. Here are a few examples that I think should 
> not need to be in the project.xml of a component:
> - url
> - organization (also found in project-template/project.xml in sandbox)
> - gumpRepositoryId
> - repository
> - siteAddress
> - siteDirectory
> Any thoughts?

I agree on all of these, with interpolation 
(${pom.artifactId.substring(8)}) many of these can be standardized in 
the global project.xml.

Thanks, this is a well formed list of issues that needed addressing! :-)


Mark Diggory
Software Developer
Harvard MIT Data Center

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