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From Tim O'Brien <>
Subject Re: [commons-site] Alternate Horizontal Project Navigation
Date Mon, 23 Feb 2004 02:21:18 GMT
I think this helps.  Although the "About Math" tab should have a blank 
subtab for consistency. the left nav - it is soooo busy.


Mark R. Diggory wrote:
> I worked out the kinks on an alternate project navigation, please have a 
> look and comment:
> Pro's
> 1.) Navigation better integrated into page layout.
> 2.) Horizontal positioning at top of page more traditional for navigation.
> 3.) Strong CSS control over look and feel, 0% javascript
> 4.) Clearly separates "Shared Commons Navigation" from "Individual 
> Project Navigation".
> Con's
> 1.) Limits number of items on a level to the width of the page
> (although it does provide "wrapping" when items are greater than width).
> 2.) Currently limited to menus nested three levels deep.
> (but easily extendable to more).
> 3.) Currently doesn't integrate custom project navigation.
> (but could easily be adapted for such support, I had initially included 
> it, but encountered small issues with merging two separate "menu sets").
> I think its important to clearly separate the "Projects Navigation" from 
> the overall shared "Commons Navigation", I believe positioning them in 
> very separate locations of the site gives the user a much clearer path 
> and ease in determining the level of the site they are within.
> -Mark

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