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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject Re: [commons-build][all] Mavenized top level site generation example.
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2004 03:50:01 GMT

Henri Yandell wrote:

> [These are not all for attention right now]
> For one, the 'Sandbox' link on the front page [rather than nav] does not
> link to it, but instead jumps down to a small blurb.

I'm not sure of what our plans are for this, where do you want it to go to?

> One thing that Maven does, that I can't understand, is seem to make the
> lines under the links go on for a space extra. It's not in the source, but
> the css somehow makes this happen in both IE and Mozilla. Very ugly.

I'll look deeper into it, this may just be a css issue.

> How do we change the projects to have the same LHS nav bar? ie) if I click
> on IO, the nav bar changes, and not just the top chunk.

All sites need to get generated, this is just the top level.

> Can we differentiate the top block of the nav bar. It's the only part that
> should not be global, and yet it looks the same. Perhaps a different
> background, or a more emphasized line between Jakarta Commons and
> Download.

Stephen brought that up as well, I think its easily do-able with a 
little css overloading.

> What is 'Doc for 1.0' on the Commons site? Will we version the site, or is
> this an accident?

Yes, I'm working on getting the top level navi working without the 
defaults for each project, some came through, like the version default. 
I'll look at this further.

> The copyright at the bottom is lacking a start date.


> Should the 'Components' page contain Sandbox items if a Sandbox page
> exists? Need to update the Pre-Release here to include the ones I mailed
> out.

I think we should eventually figure out how to get the reactor and 
velocity to spit out these project lists so they can automajically get 
updated on saite generation as they change.

> Volunteering page looks very bad.

noticed. too much s  p  a  c  e.

> License page is 1.1.
I think we should remove the license.xml xdoc and let maven generate it 
off the LICENSE.txt the way it is supposed to.

> The 'Releases' link should be renamed. Sounds too much like Download. How
> to Release perhaps. Also it might want to be a tree menu for the 4 links
> inside it. Unsure.


> Otherwise, I like a lot :)


> Hen
> On Sun, 29 Feb 2004, Tim O'Brien wrote:
>>Mark R. Diggory wrote:
>>>Please feel free to point out any problems.
>>+1, that looks great.  I think that this page:
>>, needs some
>>updating.  I'll get on it, and commit a newer version in about an hour.
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