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From Tim O'Brien <>
Subject Re: [commons-build][all] Mavenized top level site generation example.
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2004 04:37:35 GMT
Henri Yandell wrote:
> [These are not all for attention right now]
> For one, the 'Sandbox' link on the front page [rather than nav] does not
> link to it, but instead jumps down to a small blurb.

Addressed, I checked in an updated sandbox.xml which I cannabalized from 
your state of the sandbox entry.  I left off descriptions, we'll let 
inidividual more familiar with each component commit changes to 
sandbox.xml in commons-build.

> What is 'Doc for 1.0' on the Commons site? Will we version the site, or is
> this an accident?

Changed the to remove this.

> Volunteering page looks very bad.

Many of these pages look very bad.  I think switching the site over will 
encourage / lower-the-barrier to improving the content of this behemoth. 
     The whole commons site has a large number of wording, perspective, 
and spelling problems.  We should create a page called "broken windows", 
and check off the items as they are fixed.

<Ignore-this>....Or maybe we should track commons-wide issues in a Jira 
project - or maybe I want to start a long drawn out fight to no end 
which will involve 400 email messages.  :-)  </Ignore-this>

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