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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: [math] Re: Getting started questions
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2004 09:31:11 GMT
Ah, this question is interesting.

I recently removed the dependency on the ../project.xml in Jelly  
because I think checking out a module should produce free-standing  
Before being a commons-committer, I always patched the project.xml so  
as to get rid of the project inheritance (which is only for a handful  
of ownership information for the website anyways).

How would it be with an http URL instead of relative URL ? Wouldn't  
that solve it?
Or why not have, in each commons-project directory a file like  
"jakarta-commons-common-project.xml" being copies this one ?
(the same should be true for properties).

Also, why do you need jakarta-commons/xdocs/

I think there's a limit to duplication prevention...


On 31-Jan-04, at 21:43 Uhr, Phil Steitz wrote:

> You are correct, for math's maven build to work, you need to have  
> jakarta-commons/project.xml and you need your math checkout to be  
> inside the jakarta-commons directory.  If you don't want to co the  
> entire jakarta-commons module, you can just co  
> jakarta-commons/project.xml (see the full command here:  
>, then cd to  
> jakarta-commons and co math from there, or you could even just create  
> the jakarta-commons directory manually and grab the file from  
> project.xml. You will also need jakarta-commons/xdocs to build the web  
> site.

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