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From "Edelson, Justin" <>
Subject Request for getLog(Object) method
Date Fri, 13 Feb 2004 23:01:14 GMT
As part of implementing JCL, we need to be able to obtain Log objects
based on the referring object, basically using a custom Log and Factory
implementations to inspect an object to determine the appropriate name
to use for logging. I can clarify this further if necessary.

In order to do this, I'm proposing these changes: 
* a new overloaded version of the static method getLog that accepts an
Object be added to LogFactory 
* a new overloaded version of the instance method getInstance that
accepts an Object be added to LogFactory 
* a new default implementation of getInstance(Object) be added to
LogFactoryImpl that uses the object's class name as the log name.

Attached is a diff file representing these changes. This is my first
time doing this, so please let me know (in a nice way) if I've done
something incorrect.

I did not post this directly to bugzilla under the theory that there may
need to be some discussion of this request. 

Justin Edelson 
Software Developer 

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