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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: WeakIdentityMap
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2004 18:25:25 GMT
> Out of curiousity, how significant does a contribution need to be before
> completing and submitting the software grant form is required?

I wish I knew, and I'd like not to have to find out.  There is the concept
of an implied grant, there are changes in the Apache Software License v2 to
address it, and there is a proposed community notice ( that would make it
more explicit.


There are plans to incorporate the above into JIRA as soon as it is

Under the current climate, it is probably a good idea to error on the
conservative side.  I wouldn't worry about it for most patches, but if there
is an existing codebase, and the contributor is amenable, I would request

	--- Noel

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