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From korebantic <>
Subject Re: [Jelly] current and future status?
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2004 22:42:03 GMT

> Jelly use to be mostly the work of James Strachan.
> He suddenly stopped. 
> Since then several volunteers, injected time, but
> too little. 
> Especially, there has been no more great
> coordinator.
> I wonder wether we could find ways to create the
> synergy between 
> volunteers.
> A task distribution, a roadmap or something like
> this is badly needed.
Thanks for the response, that's valuable for me to

> Jelly is a quite a great work with some great
> achievements. 
Having only looked at it a bit, and written some
trivial code to try it out, at the very least my
non-technical response is -- its a very cool thing =)

> > While we are at it, is there something out there
> > similiar to Jelly?
> On this I can only say I feat the answer is no. At
> least not with such 
> a board scope.

> what's your particular interest in jelly ?
Let me try my best to answer this, and keep it short
as possible. Keep in mind that I'm not allowed to
mention the product I'm working on. I will say this
much, it's based on J2EE, contains 600+ tables in its
schema, and close to that many EJB's. Lots and lots of
lines of code...

The interfaces to drive the product include through
servlets, through webservices, and through an xml
messaging system.

I need an easily extended, scripted way to drive the
application, not for unit testing but more for end to
end scenerio testing -- FVT if you will. I need to
drive the application, in my case, over HTTP by
issuing a number of requests, query the database and
examine the results. Other developers in our group
really need a driver like this -- because some of the
functionality we are adding can't be "driven" if you
will by the client, because the client/UI isn't even
close to being done. Follow?

The key here is something easily extended, and
something that is scripted. We want something that is
driven by XML and doesn't require a constant
code/recompile sequence by the developer. I'm fully
aware of HTTPUnit and the very nice Commons HTTP
client java library. However, all this would need to
be wrapped up in some sort of XML processing system. 

Jelly has this and more -- tag libs for Commons HTTP,
tags for basic flow control, tags for making SQL
queries, etc etc.



In a nutshell I need a tool 

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