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From korebantic <>
Subject Re: [Jelly] current and future status?
Date Sat, 03 Apr 2004 14:18:28 GMT
What is the proper procedure for submitting patches
against jelly, and adding new features like new tag
libraries, etc?

> another thing you're about to discover is that ASF
> projects are 
> organized a little differently from the way you
> might expect. we have 
> developers and committers rather than maintainers.
> there is no one 
> single maintainer for jelly but there are number of
> developers and 
> committers.
> james has a genius for creating uber cool,
> innovative ideas for 
> software. he's also a really nice guy who's great to
> work with. 
> unfortunately, he has more super cool ideas than
> time to finish them. 
> it's common for james to come along with a great
> idea and some cool 
> code and get everyone excited and the project
> buzzing. once a project 
> seems to have gained a sustainable community, he'll
> gradually move onto 
> new projects and interests.
> problems may occur if the community doesn't recruit
> the developers the 
> project needs to transition from a cool experiment
> to really useful 
> tool. jelly lost it's way a while ago when a lot of
> the people who used 
> to work on it became more interested in other
> projects (such as 
> geronimo) but paul's done a good job in getting
> stuff back on track.
> senior committers drifting away is usually not the
> problem for ASF 
> projects that it is for ones organized differently.
> in fact, this 
> happens regularly without ill effects providing that
> the community is 
> healthy and replaces the energy that has been lost.
> - robert
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