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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject Re: [net] NT FTP Server & DIRSTYLE (was Re: [net] [vote] Release Commons-Net 1.2)
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2004 13:38:41 GMT
Steve Cohen schrieb:

>.... test listing when 
>SYST returned "Windows" and trying both parsers.  Or some other test.  To be 
>done in the factory.  
But how would you know, that you are in an directory where you have the 
permission to do the list command, or at least there are files within?
Depending on the host configuration and the url the user passed to 
FTPClient, the directory might be secured or empty.

If you dont like to use the UnixFTPEntryParser directly (what i can 
unsterstand) , what do you think about an NTUnixFTPEntryParser (which is 
a copy) and use this instead. So changes in UnixFTPEntryParser might not 
break the NT Parser - if this is what you are afraid.

I think this is most invasive as it does not
a) rely on any configuration of the host
b) involve any additional step in the communication between FTPClient 
and the Parser
c) need to change any interface/implemenation beside the current 

>The DIRSTYLE thing offends because it seems "invasive" but how invasive is it, 
>really?  If it only affects the single connection session (which is what I 
>would assume), it's not so bad.
Yes, i have checked it, it only affects the single connection.

-- Mario

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