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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: [math] sparse algebra
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2004 15:27:43 GMT
Pierre Auslander wrote:
> Ok. When is 1.0 due for delivery (roughly)?

The only honest answer that we can give to that is "when it is ready." 

I think it is fair to say that we are "close" to a 1.0, but a fair amount 
of cleanup remains to be done and the timeline really depends on the 
amount of volunteer time available and what else emerges as we complete 
code and test review.
> Meanwhile I will do the Java rewrite and make the source + func & perf tests 
> available on our website so you guys can have a look before any commit.

Sounds good.  Pls also make sure that you will be able to apply the Apache 
Software License ( to the 
translated Java code when you submit it.  You may also want to have a look 

> BTW, is there any "graph library" proposal? Or any "heuristic optimisation" 
> like simulated annealing, ant walk, genetic programming, etc. I know it's not 
> numerics, but its still maths and algebra...

Once we get 1.0 out, we will be open to any and all suggestions for where 
to go with extensions, subject to the guiding principles in the project 

1. Real-world application use cases will determine development priority.
2. This package will emphasize small, easily integrated components rather 
than large libraries with complex dependencies and configurations.
3. All algorithms will be fully documented and follow generally accepted 
best practices.
4. In situations where multiple standard algorithms exist, a Strategy 
pattern will be used to support multiple implementations.
5. Limited dependencies. No external dependencies beyond Commons 
components and the core Java 2 platform.

This leaves the mathematical scope wide open -- there is already certainly 
more than numerics included already.



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