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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: [math] Question regarding submitting patches
Date Sun, 04 Apr 2004 02:51:34 GMT
Hi Chris,

Looks like you forgot to checkout the module first.

You need to do

cvs co jakarta-commons/math

after the cvs login and CVSROOT export.

That will create a local cvs sandbox for you. Find the files that you want 
to patch in your newly created local jakarta-commons/math, make your 
changes and then run the diff from the sandbox directory where the 
modified files reside.


In addition to the CVS homepage referenced there, here is another CVS 
reference that I like:

Thanks in advance for the patches!


Christopher Schuck wrote:
> I have some minor patches (javadoc) to submit for this project, but I 
> have not been successful in creating the unified diff file from CVS. I 
> tried the following:
> cvs -d login password: 
> anoncvs
> export
> cvs diff -u
> but with no success. Other variations with the -d option, and attempts 
> to specify a path failed. I was in the directory where the 
> file was located on my local system. I am new to using 
> CVS, and I can well guess I am missing something (perhaps a lot) here, 
> any help would be appreciated.

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