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From "matthew.hawthorne" <>
Subject Re: [digester] @author and @version
Date Wed, 07 Apr 2004 23:04:05 GMT
Simon Kitching wrote:
> What benefit is there in having this info in the source?
> I can't currently see any:
>  * Developers can just use "cvs status".
>  * End users just care that the file came from "version 2.1".
>  * Maybe it is useful info when working with source snapshots, 
>    but that isn't very common.
> What am I missing?

I think it's a convenience to be able to see when the last change was 
made, and who made it, in the source file -- instead of doing  'cvs 
status'.  But that's about it.

However, with the recent craze over @author tags, maybe we shouldn't 
even be using $Id$ anymore, since it contains the committer's username.

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