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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject [site] Gump Builds
Date Fri, 09 Apr 2004 22:01:25 GMT
Lets push this to another thread because its such a great topic in and 
of itself.

So I think we have several needs here:

1.) nightly builds of jars that can be available to developers

2.) Integration testing across all the commons

3.) Automated Site updating/generation.

Adam R. B. Jack wrote:

>Have you thought about enlisting the help of Gump for the manual effort
>here?  We are trying to allow Gump to be able to use Maven (instead of Ant)
>for projects that prefer builds this way. We are making progress (with the
>mechanics) but [don't know if you've read the list/archive] the main
>sticking point seems to be group/artefact ids (something you know plenty
Can you outline what you finally resolved to concerning what the 
artifact/group ids should be for gump builds which use maven?

>If you are interested, Gump ought be able to make this task a bit easier on
>you, and automatically (nightly or more) do fresh runs (in clean
>environments) for you.
>Just a thought.
I'm just mostly unsure where to begin with getting with the Gump. I 
suspect we would register each project with gump and let them get built 


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