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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [Jelly] current and future status?
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2004 21:09:51 GMT
On 1 Apr 2004, at 18:28, matthew.hawthorne wrote:

> Corey Jewett wrote:
>> Jelly is foundational to maven ( Maven seems to be 
>> rapidly replacing ant as the build tool of choice. So I think it's 
>> fair to assume that Jelly has a long life ahead of it.
> I've seen some indications that Maven will be moving away from Jelly 
> as the plugin language.  There have been some talks about using 
> Beanshell instead.

(but it seems unlikely that the plugin language will be changed before 
1.0 is released.)

there are a couple of reasons why the developer activity was empty.

1 i'd only just started working on jelly and when i regenerated the 
website, i hadn't updated the jelly maven configuration to play with 
ssh-agents. if you take a look again now, you'll see more accurate 

2 jelly is now reasonably mature. there isn't that much development 
going on.

i would like to say that i feel that developer activity can be a poor 
guide as to whether to use a project or not. the developer activity is 
related to the maturity of the project as well as interest. mature 
projects tend to spend more time discussing changes and worrying about 
the consequences of chances rather than committing code. i'd be 
concerned about a project with a lot of activity since this may 
indicate that a lot of develop is needed before the project can be used 
in production.

personally speaking, i think that developer responsiveness is much more 
important than activity: if you have a question or need some additional 
feature, could you get the help you need? this can be gauged from the 
mailing list.

- robert

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