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Subject [Jakarta Commons Wiki] Updated: BeanUtils/1.7.0ReleasePlan
Date Thu, 03 Jun 2004 20:07:05 GMT
   Date: 2004-06-03T13:07:05
   Editor: RobertBurrellDonkin <>
   Wiki: Jakarta Commons Wiki
   Page: BeanUtils/1.7.0ReleasePlan

   no comment

Change Log:

@@ -42,7 +42,50 @@
 === Bug Review ===
-Review current bugs 
+Review current bugs:
+19781 Nor NEW PropertyUtils.copyProperties throws exceptions contrary to 
+21618 Nor NEW MappedPropertyDescriptor requires more permissions than nece 
+23108 Nor NEW Setting complex mapped properties using PropertyUtils 
+23383 Nor NEW MappedPropertyDescriptor broken 
+23815 Nor REOP PropertyUtils.getNestedProperty() doesn't allow getXxxx on M 
+24941 Nor ASSI LocaleBeanUtils.populate() doesn't accept localized input ma 
+25539 Nor NEW Using copyProperties and SQL Dates 
+26904 Nor NEW (g|s)etSimpleProperty fails when passing a Map 
+27381 Nor NEW Bean Utilities: add BeanComparator.equals() 
+27633 Nor NEW java.lang.IllegalArgumentException in BeanUtils.copyProperti 
+27760 Nor NEW MappedPropertyDescriptor wont recognize boolean property acc 
+27809 Nor NEW [bean] DecimalLocaleConverter is not thread-safe 
+27965 Nor NEW Writing to a mapped property requires a setter for a map, bu 
+28254 Nor NEW getIndexedProperty problems on JDK 1.4.1 
+28358 Nor NEW Problems on indexed property with JDK 1.4 
+28684 Nor NEW BigDecimalLocaleConverter seems not working as designed 
+28813 Nor NEW Can't use . (dot) in mapped properties for setProperty or ge 
+18811 Min NEW Misleading error message in ConvertingWrapDynaBean 
+29203 Min NEW Indexed properties with Array type cause IllegalArgumentExce 
+7135 Enh REOP [beanutils] Misleading error message when beaninfo class con 
+7226 Enh REOP Nested Bean Collection 
+10319 Enh NEW Instantiate property if null in form bean 
+13743 Enh REOP Need getPropertyType(Class theClass, String propName) 
+15451 Enh REOP Multiple mapped properties not possible / Direct maps and in 
+16038 Enh REOP [beanutils] LocaleBeanUtils.copyProperties() does not use Lo
+16525 Enh REOP BeanUtils.setProperty is over-zealous at converting types 
+17002 Enh REOP Problem with index property 
+17501 Enh NEW Add dynamic discovery of mapped properties to PropertyUtils 
+18087 Enh NEW Add BeanFactory class for dynamic factories. 
+18942 Enh NEW Add "t/f" to BooleanConverter 
+19857 Enh NEW Methods ConvertUtilsBean.convert could check for converters 
+20027 Enh NEW ConvertUtils enhancements 
+20520 Enh NEW [beanutils] MethodUtils: Need easy way to invoke static meth 
+20549 Enh NEW Handling of exceptions thrown during BeanUtils.populate 
+20686 Enh NEW register converters by both target class and source class 
+20836 Enh NEW Localizing beanutils 
+20968 Enh NEW [PATCH] Include bean getClass in PropertyUtilsBean Exception 
+21076 Enh NEW Add "aggressive" mode for BeanUtils.copyProperty() 
+21483 Enh NEW BeanUtils and PropertyUtils toString function (code included 
+21693 Enh NEW copyProperties method should not exit as soon as it gets Exc 
+24185 Enh NEW Enhancement to ResultSetDynaClass to allow case-insensitive 
+27074 Enh NEW Add nullate utilities
 === Bug Fix ===

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