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From Konstantin Priblouda <>
Subject Re: [betwixt] XDoclet Integration
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2004 11:56:29 GMT

> dunno i just think that it'd be cool :)

I played with this idea some time ago, but it boiled
down that for my use cases it was not worth writing. 
I got away with default behaviour. 

> > I will suppose to do it as  new xdoclet-2 plugin.
> > ( better templating, faster, error check for tags,
> > self documenting tags etc. )
> >
> > it's already usable.
> >
> > Ask me if you have problems / questions  how to
> > compile everything necessary.
> i'm not sure i parse this properly. could you expand
> a little?

Well, there is new xdoclet 2 in alpha phase, but
already usable ( I use it in production ) 

It has new arhitecture, faster parser and better
templating system ( you can use jelly / velocity )

And as a bonus there is sane ( mostly ) error 
reporting in case of illegal usage of @-tags

> the mailing list now strips out most attachments so
> you'll need to use 
> bugzilla if you wanted to contribute some code.

Well, this code could go into xdoclet plugins, and I'm
by chance a commiter of both old xdoclet, and new

So code can as well go into xdoclet plugins jira
( on codehaus ) 

I do not like bugzilla at all...  It's not so easy to


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