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From Emmanuel Bourg <>
Subject Re: [commons-collections] [Patch] ExtendedProperties
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2004 09:39:17 GMT
Wolfgang Hoschek wrote:

> I believe there is a bug in ExtendedProperties that causes the following 
> config file to be parsed incorrectly on load(...):
> allow.meta=a
> allow.meta=b, c, d

I've added a test in [configuration] to cover this case, it seems the 
bug was already fixed there.

> BTW, please don't deprecate ExtendedProperties and refer people to 
> future Commons-Configuration.
> The Commons-Configuration complexity and their dependencies are a big 
> big mess for someone who simply and conveniently wants to read in some 
> configuration values. ExtendedProperties is ideal for such purposes: It 
> does the job in a single class and has zero dependencies.

PropertiesConfiguration is no more complex than ExtendedProperties 
actually, the usage is quite similar if you decide not to use the 
ConfigurationFactory. In this case the dependencies are minimal, 
PropertiesConfiguration only relies on [collections] which you already 
use and [lang] which is a really basic and common dependency. Is this 
too much ?

I think I'll document what package is required for each configuration 
type, I admit the dependency page generated by Maven is quite 
frightening currently :)

Emmanuel Bourg

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