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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject Re: [release] uploading jar distributions [WAS Re: [ANOUNCEMENT] Commons Collections 3.1-RC1 and 2.1.1 released]
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2004 14:03:42 GMT
robert burrell donkin wrote:

> i think probably that since the jar's are part of the same release  
> process as the other artifacts packaged together as source and binary  
> distributions you're right that a single vote is best.
> i've completed the release cut for commons-logging-1.0.4 and am  
> awaiting the mirrors syncing. that means i'll probably be finishing  
> things off tomorrow.
> i've uploaded the jar distributions to a staging area  
> ( together with md5  
> sums and pgp signatures. would you be willing to manage the actual  
> movement into the repository (since i made a bit a of a mess last  time)?
They look good, I believe that Jason has a couple scripts that make the 
deployment run smoothly, I'll ask him about them. For this time I'll 
just manually move them.

> BTW would it be a good idea to have either a repo website or (even  
> better) a repo wiki where we can try to pull some of these processes  
> and procedures together into useful documents.
Definitely, I had started some efforts in the Wiki before everything 
moved to Moinmoin. I located the original work and the points where it 
was left out of the new wiki.

My time is limited right now, I would have liked to continue on this 
documentation effort myself but I'm currently under a deadline crunch.

I think the Maven part needs to be dropped and focus more on policies 
for the 'Apache Repository' in general to attract the other groups such 
as Depot to place documentation there too.


> On 14 Jun 2004, at 23:58, Mark R. Diggory wrote:
>> Good question. I don't believe we are deviating from the same  
>> requirements for java-repository as for the rest of the  
>> "" directory, and for which I'm not fully well  
>> versed. I can tell you that there is "0" resistance to a file 
>> getting  placed into the repository on the ibiblio side, they could 
>> care less  what we put there. Maven folks care much more, but less 
>> than Apache  proper I believe.
>> So, any "process of voting" etc is an Apache detail. Does "Dist"  
>> require two VOTES to release a file? If it doesn't, I do not believe  
>> there should be a second vote.
>> Now, packaging, Signing etc are another issue. Before you insert  
>> content into the java-repository, it is wise to set it up in a 
>> staging  area (your home directory), get all your signatures and 
>> md5's in place  show it to the group for a quick concensus (or just a 
>> second set of  eye's). Java-Repository is mirrored across all the 
>> Apache Mirrors, as  such its important to minimize errors so that we 
>> don't get Fragged to  death on the Mirrors list... ;-)
>> -Mark
>> robert burrell donkin wrote:
>>> hi mark
>>> is the procedure that a second VOTE is need to place the jars for a  
>>> release into the repository or does a positive release VOTE entitle  
>>> the jars to be distributed through the repository?
>>> - robert
>>> On 14 Jun 2004, at 14:02, Mark R. Diggory wrote:
>>>> java-repository is rsynced to every four hours,  
>>>> its the only way we maintain authority over who releases apache  
>>>> projects. So if you place your jars there for testing, your going 
>>>> to  find them at ibiblio too.
>>>> Mark
>>>> matthew.hawthorne wrote:
>>>>> Call me lazy, but it would make things easier if the new jars 
>>>>> were  copied to
>>>>> whenever a release occurs.  This way I could just change a few  
>>>>> characters in my project.xml and test
>>>>> out the new code instantly, without worrying about manually  
>>>>> downloading jars and copying files around.
>>>>> Make sense?
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