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From Kyle>
Subject [DBUtils] BeanProcessor enhancement request
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2004 20:00:53 GMT
I have a JavaBean that needs to be populated from 3
different select statements, unfortunately DBUtils
BeanProcessor doesn't support the reuse of beans, it
instantiates a new instance each time.

I would like to see more of the methods in
BeanProcessor be protected instead of private.  I like
the JavaBean processing in BeanProcessor, and I don't
want to reimplement it.  However I would like to
override the newInstance method to return an existing
object instead of new instance.  I can also think of
instances where someone may want to override the
isCompatableType method.

I have implemented a BeanReuseProcessor that works
with a single bean or a list of beans, and it is fully
junit tested.  It required changing the visibilty of
BeanProcessor.newInstance(...) to protected, so I
would like to get the changes added to CVS so I don't
have to keep hacking the source every for every

I think this is a useful enhancement, and I would like
to contribute it to the project.  Please let me know
what you think.

-- Kyle

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