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From Kim van der Linde <>
Subject [math] commons.math extension
Date Thu, 02 Sep 2004 03:57:38 GMT
For the people who are interested in some extensions to the commons.math 
package such as "0-based" Matrix class and population variances 
implemented within the variances class can look here:
or download the jar file:

Additionally I have added two classes. The first is called Distances
with matrix based euclidian and mahalanobis distance calculations. The
second is called SpecialMatrices and contains shortcuts for SSCP,
covariance and correlation matrices, as well as difference by row/column
means calculations. Both the correlation as well as he covariance 
matrices can be estimated using either sample or population variances.

I hope to add in the coming weeks the RMA (Reduced Major Axis)
implementation within the SimpleRegression and the MVE (Minimum Volume
Elipsoid) to the package, of which the last one is the main reason for
my disagreement on the matrix indexing.

So, no objections to relasing RC1.


Phil Steitz wrote:
> I have made the following changes and updated the release candidate here
> <>, as well as 
> the web site <>:
> 1) Changed the name of BivariateRegression to SimpleRegression
> 2) Added notes in Variance, StatUtils and StandardDeviation javadoc 
> making assumptions about precomputed mean explicit
> 3) Made standard matrix element indexing convention explicit in 
> RealMatrix, BigMatrix.
> 4) Incorporated Mark's improvement of developer.xml
> If there are no objections, I will send a formal announcement of the RC 
> availablity tomorrow.
> Phil
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