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From Nigel Rantor <>
Subject Re: [REPOST][daemon] non-root user cannot start service on unix?
Date Wed, 08 Sep 2004 11:34:19 GMT
jean-frederic clere wrote:
>> I am just wondering if this is the goal or not? Should I be able to run
>> a daemon as another user? For a production system it won't matter since
>> I will want the servers to eb started from init scripts anyway and can
>> pass the --user arg to the jsvc program.
>> For development however I don't want to have to run these things as
>> root. Additionally some developers may not have the option of running
>> things as root on their systems.
>> So, I guess I'm asking should I be able to run jsvc as non-root or not?
> No, use java instead.

Thanks for the response, I'm still interested in why it works like this 

I would much rather be able to develop code that runs in as close to the 
production manner as possible.

If you are going to develop an app that uses Daemon then it would be a 
great advantage to be able to let developers test that the code they are 
working runs under jsvc correctly, as it would in the eventual 
production environment, without requiring that they also be given root 
access on machines that they shouldn't have root on (or that the 
sysadmins think they shouldn't have root on).



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