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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: CSV submission for jakarta-commons
Date Fri, 24 Sep 2004 08:58:12 GMT

I've taken a small look and found the following:
- your test-cases should be in a separate directory and named "TestXXX"
- inserting this into codec at the appropriate place, renaming, and 
building does build the tests fine. Maybe you could re-post (say, on a 
private URL), a version where that is fixed.
- running maven site (you need to check-out commons-build as well) does 
show some checkstyle lacks in your code (quite small). Alternatively, 
run "maven checkstyle", then "maven xdoc".
- you seem to be missing a package.html.
- the javadoc of CSVParser could be somewhat richer, e.g. with example 
usage. From it, I seem to be able to make a jelly tag-lib, I think 
(which is my interest)
- you have a writeRecord(String[]) but the reading doesn't handle 
arrays, why not having a writeCol(String) as well ?
- your link to "Creativyst" doesn't go "_top"

However, I am not a Codec developer so I believe you should expect 
someone of the developers to evaluate this more.


Le 24 sept. 04, à 04:07, Tim Dawson a écrit :
> I haven’t heard anything since my last note; I’m sure everybody’s busy 
> with other stuff and I know that bugzilla isn’t the most friendly 
> thing to use (has anybody discussed switching this project to JIRA?). 
> Anyway, the attachment on the bugzilla issue I submitted doesn’t seem 
> to want to download correctly, but if you rename the .cgi file it 
> creates to .zip it’s actually fine.
> But since I was sending out an email anyway to the small group of 
> people who expressed interest anyway, I attached the zip file (it was 
> small) in order to further reduce any barrier we might have for 
> review. I’d love to get your comments.

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