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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [GUMP@brutus]: jelly-tags/commons-jelly-tags-swing failed
Date Wed, 08 Sep 2004 07:23:13 GMT
On Wed, 8 Sep 2004, Paul Libbrecht <> wrote:
> Le 8 sept. 04, à 08:39, Stefan Bodewig a écrit :
>>> This does seem a bit of a limitation for Gump.
>> Not really.  Just ssh in to a Unix box and try to run your
>> tests. Large parts of AWT simply require a graphical environment to
>> be around, be that GDI on Windows or X on most Unixes.
> ... not in "ssh -X"... (the default often)

If your sshd allows X forwarding (often disabled 8-).

> Another way to make a graphical resource available (it's not that we
> look at it, btw!) on a Unix java displaying X11 is to use Xvnc which
> is a virtual X-server for use by remote connectors...

I know, we used Xvfb in the past and it works well for Linux, Solaris
or *BSD.  It doesn't work for Apple's VM on MacOS X, though, since it
doesn't use X at all.



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