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Subject [jira] Commented: (JELLY-150) j:forEach tag not properly using varStatus attribute
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2004 12:57:32 GMT
The following comment has been added to this issue:

     Author: Ben Anderson
    Created: Wed, 6 Oct 2004 5:56 AM
If I replace the custom LoopStatus in ForEachTag with the JSTL one, and keep the rest, what
is the difference between our patches?
Are there any good tools for comparing or injecting diffs?  I want to do a diff on my files
vs. your files instead of your diff vs my diff.  Sorry, like I said I'm new to Apache development,
so diff(unified formart)/svn/etc. is all new to me.  I think you understand that the LoopTagStatus
in jstl.jar is only interface, right?  We'll still need to implement it - probably in an inner
class... whether it's anonymous or not I don't really care.  I think being an inner class
is fine, because it's not used by any other classes.
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Here is an overview of the issue:
        Key: JELLY-150
    Summary: j:forEach tag not properly using varStatus attribute
       Type: Bug

     Status: Unassigned
   Priority: Major

    Project: jelly
             core / taglib.core

   Reporter: Ben Anderson

    Created: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 4:57 AM
    Updated: Wed, 6 Oct 2004 5:56 AM
Environment: win2k / cygwin

According to the jstl specification 1.1, the varStatus attribute of the forEach tag should
create a variable with type javax.servlet.jsp.jstl.core.LoopTagStatus.  Currently a variable
is set with type Integer which contains the index of the current iteration.  I created a test
case (I don't think any existed for forEach) that demonstrates this.  I also began making
the fix, but it doesn't fully work.  I am submitting my patch along with the test cases. 
The comments I placed in the code should be enough to tip someone off as to why it's not working
(I hope).  I am relatively new to jelly (been using the standard taglibs for awhile) and have
never opened the source before.  I am willing to complete the patch, but will probably need
some guidance because I messed with it for awhile before determing I couldn't complete without
some help.  Thanks! :-)

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