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From Kim van der Linde <>
Subject [math] Matrix subMatrix and mean methods
Date Sun, 03 Oct 2004 02:57:16 GMT
Hi Phil,

I have been thinking for a few days on the Matrix classes.

I think the Matrix class itself should contain all those methods that do 
matrix calculations (add, subtract, multiply) that either a Matrix 
themselfs or proporties of the Matrix (isSingular for example). The mean 
methods (getRowMeans) etc are statistics done ON a matrix, and I think 
they should be in a seperate class, maybe called MatrixStats. This 
enables aso he option to add variances and SD's which are needed for 
column mean resp mean-SD standardizations, to be used for example in PCA 
calculations when a covariance resp. correlation matrix is used.

Is there the intention to add an EigenvalueDecomposition class to the 
package? In that case, which algorithm is targeted to be used? Jacobi?



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