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From Ricardo Gladwell <>
Subject [configuration] handling exceptions in AbstractConfiguration implementations
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2004 10:55:52 GMT
Hi All,

I'm currently developing a sub-class of the AbstractConfiguration 
classthat uses Hibernate to access configuration properties 
(unimaginatively called Hibernate Configuration). I'm slightly concerned 
about the way sub-classes are suposed to handle exceptions:

All the abstract method are defined as not throwing exceptions. All 
calls to hibernate, however, throw HibernateExceptions. So, for example, 
my implementation of getPropertyDirect calls the hibernate Session.get() 
method which can throw an exception.

Looking at your implementation of the DatabaseConfiguration I can see 
that it simply consumes SQLExceptions thrown from the JDBC API, logging 
the stack trace. However, what if you want to be warned of exceptions 
being thrown by the underlying implementation of Configuration?

I notice you already have a nestable ConfigurationException implemented. 
Surely, all Configuration methods should indicate they will throw this 
exception if they are expected to read/write data?

Also, the AbstractConfiguration class does not describe this contract 
(logging all errors throw by underlying framework) or what should be 
returned in the event of an error? I assume you should return null 
values but this is not described anywhere.

Kind regards,
-- Ricardo Gladwell

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