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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject Re: [math] Matrix subMatrix and mean methods
Date Thu, 07 Oct 2004 04:01:04 GMT
Hi Brian,

After being reminded by Wolfgang that he had previously given me a 
contact at CERN to discuss these issues with, I emailed that contact. He 
forwarded me to the Technology Transfer officer for CERN. I just 
finished emailing a request to that individual to comment on the 
position CERN holds on this subject of relicensing/donation. Once we 
hear back from them we can also include this information into the 
discussion. I expect it will clarify if any opposition does exist at the 
original institution.


Brian Behlendorf wrote:
> Thanks, Wolfgang.  This is a pretty easy case for us - as it sits today, 
> especially with this email note from Wolfgang (which should be included 
> in a NOTES file sitting near colt.jar when imported) it looks perfectly 
> fine to incorporate this into Apache, preserving CERN's copyright 
> notice. From a policy perspective, we should commit to the repository 
> not just the .jar file but the source code as well.
> Any patches that Apache developers need to make should be offered 
> upstream, of course, and then reincorporated into the ASF repository by 
> merging in a new version.  But if we need to locally modify the work, 
> then the copyright on the resulting derivative work would be (C) Apache 
> Software Foundation and the Apache 2.0 license, being careful not to 
> remove the original (C) CERN or license/notice.
>     Brian
> On Tue, 5 Oct 2004, Wolfgang Hoschek wrote:
>> Hi, let me briefly introduce myself. I'm the author of Colt which has 
>> the BSD-style license you referred to below.
>> I encourage you to take code or ideas from Colt, as you see fit, and 
>> as you see compatible with Apache licensing policy.
>> I wrote this code some six years ago while working at CERN, so the 
>> copyright is not with me personally, but with CERN 
>> ( I have left CERN some years ago to work for a 
>> Bay Area research lab, so I consider it unlikely that the license 
>> could be changed, and I'm not in a position to help change the 
>> license, even though I would support such a license change. In my 
>> judgement, you will have to decide if the current license works for 
>> you, or not. If it works for you, you are most welcome.
>> As far as Jama is concerned, the code is a straightforward adaption of 
>> the original Jama code, as explained on
>> summary.html#Overview
>> You could contact the Jama authors for licensing issues.
>> Hope this helps,
>> Wolfgang.
>>> I am posting this to the Licensing list as well because it is very 
>>> unclear how to proceed and we dearly need their advice on this 
>>> subject. Licensing, the issue has to do with policy for adding code 
>>> from a external project, which the author has approved our usage of 
>>> via email.
>>> /
>>> We would like to add certain fragments of the "Colt" API which is 
>>> licensed under a BSD style licensing.
>>> How do we properly proceed?
>>> Al Chou wrote:
>>>> Colt contains a port of much of JAMA, IIRC, and as Wolfgang posted 
>>>> not too long
>>>> ago, Colt's new license is much more compatible with the Apache 
>>>> license. I'm
>>>> not sure if it's sufficiently compatible for us to start merging in 
>>>> code,
>>>> though.
>>>> Al
>>> I think we should clarify our own position given his approval.
>>> 1.) I think the appropriate path is to discuss with Wolfgang and our 
>>> Licensing list what is required to meet any ASF requirements that may 
>>> exist. Licensing needs to clarify how we should proceed.
>>> The challenge is what to do about any ASF polices concerning 
>>> licensing adjustments, for which none of us are "knowledgeable".
>>> 2.) I think this is a exception to our policy of acknowledging 
>>> authorship in the project documentation and not in the code. In this 
>>> case I think we should attempt to maintain significant references to 
>>> his project as the original source of any codebase additions added to 
>>> the Commons math API.
>>> 3.) If ASF requires more stringent approval in writing, we request 
>>> more formally to have Wolfgang fax in some sort of donation form to ASF.
>>> -Mark
>>> -- 
>>> Mark Diggory
>>> Software Developer
>>> Harvard MIT Data Center
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