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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject Re: [math] Matrix subMatrix and mean methods
Date Fri, 08 Oct 2004 18:51:32 GMT

Wolfgang Hoschek wrote:
> Mark,
> I am not worried about "fracturing". My understanding is that you 
> wouldn't start doing colt releases build by apache, right? You'd rather 
> take some parts or derivatives of the code and add them to commons-math 
> CVS as you see fit (probably in a significantly refactored/modified 
> form). I thought that was the overall idea, and it seems to me a good one.

We have discussed a "Larger" project at Apache that would be more 
"expansive" than what is currently capable in the "Jakarta Commons". 
Whether or not such a project takes off has been limited more by 
uncertainty of what its "boundaries" would be.

> If all goes well, Colt as an external library could fade into oblivion 
> in a year or two, or whatever time it takes for math to really shape up. 
> That's absolutely fine with me.

Do you suspect that you or CERN will maintain historical archiving of 
the Colt project indefinitely if it did? This is one of the 
characteristics of ASF, we maintain historical CVS and distribution 
archives for all the projects that have existed in Apache. So, if Colt 
moved into Apache, it would have a long term, canonical archival home 
for its existence even if it's contents were integrated into Apache 
Math. If it was not your interest to maintain it any longer, then such 
an option would be beneficial for the both historical referencing and 
> As far as myself as project member/committer: Thanks for the kind 
> invitation, but I'm really busy with other things these days. However, I 
> can be there for you in case you'd have questions about how/why things 
> work "the way they work" in colt. To reach me, please make sure to "cc" 
> me; commons-dev is a high volume mailing list.

Of course, we would enjoy any involvement you can provide. I understand 
your career focus may be in different directions now.

> I have no particular opinion on (A), it's up to you.
> B) sounds confusing to me as it might indicate to users that they should 
> use that library instead of commons-math. Why have a jakarta level 
> project if all you want is to take some parts or derivatives of it and 
> integrate them in "math"?
> Regards,
> Wolfgang.

Codebases have been donated to Apache Jakarta in the past which maintain 
similar capabilities. For instance, Oro and Apache Regexp were projects 
from different development groups, the code donation was to, in my 
belief, provide a mechanism to merge these projects at a time in the 
future, taking the best of both worlds.

I do adimately believe we would not want to consider releasing a full 
version of Colt unless you were interested in migrating the entire 
project into Apache, this is what I mean by fracturing, we do not want 
to see two separate "Colt" communities competing for membership, this 
would not be in either of our interests, would confuse the userbase and 
not allow us to build a "shared" development community.


Mark Diggory
Open Source Software Developer
Apache Jakarta Project

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