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From Dirk Verbeeck <>
Subject Re: [feedparser] Getting Brad Neuberg CVS commit
Date Wed, 20 Oct 2004 22:56:31 GMT
Hi Kevin, Brad

With only 10 emails on commons-dev and 0 on commons-user it will be 
difficult to get a positive vote for you, Brad.
(you can always try, the community decides)

Like Henri said last month(1), activity in the community is important.
For a sandbox project this is difficult because there aren't many 
developers/users and low email traffic. And with the two of you 
working right next to each other, even more.

Brad, the other OSS projects you worked on are not very recent and not 
active anymore. So our main source of info will be the apache mailing 
lists. (any involvement is positive, ditto with involvement in other 
apache components/projects, even if it is just answering questions)

My advice, try to promote feedparser, maybe get involved with other 
projects and get their interest. Create a struts demo appl for 
feedparser or anything to get a healthy user base for feedparser.
When feedparser has a user base and is mature enough for a 1.0 release 
in commons proper then I'm sure you will get voted in.

Brad, I hope you understand what I'm trying to say and I hope you will 
continue contributing to jakarta-commons.

Best Regards


Kevin A. Burton wrote:

> Hi gang.
> Brad Neuberg has been working with me on the Jakarta Feed Parser for the 
> last 6 months, and has proved himself capable of committing to CVS via 
> the patch mechanism.  He has implemented large changes to the feed 
> parser, such as heuristics for more advanced weblog provider probing, 
> unit test infrastructure, and more.  He has also shown that he can 
> communicate on the Jakarta Commons mailing list concerning patches and 
> design changes, as he has been a member on this list for the last five 
> months.
> Brad is currently working on landing a large set of patches, which he 
> will discuss on this list.  It would help him and I if he had CVS access.
> Can I get Brad CVS access to FeedParser in the sandbox?
> Kevin

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