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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: (JELLY-150) j:forEach tag not properly using varStatus attribute
Date Mon, 04 Oct 2004 19:21:43 GMT

Le 4 oct. 04, à 15:36, Ben Anderson a écrit :
> you make a valid point.  I had just copied that interface from the
> jakarta-taglibs project.  It is an interface - not a class.  I'll 
> admit, I
> don't know too much about licensing.  I was just assuming that it's 
> legal to
> create a physical manifestion of interfaces defined by Sun.

It's perfectly legal. Licenses tend yo restrict people at transmission 
times... download such an interface's class-file may be the time when 
this get restricted. For example, the servlet 2.1 API license (at least 
when downloaded from Sun) had a license claim that said that the 
licensee can redistribute the jar along with your own product at latest 
180 days after the latest release of the servlet 2.1 API!

JCP outcomes licensing has been a hot topic and I don't know wether 
that's really set...

> The actual
> implementation is done in an anonymous inner class.  How else would we 
> stick to
> the standards defined by jstl?  Isn't this the whole point of the JCP? 
>  The
> community defines the spec, which can be implemented by anyone.  As a 
> side
> note, the servletapi in the maven repository does not contain this 
> interface.
> Essentially the only difference in not having this dependency vs. 
> having it is
> the namespace.  The dependency doesn't change, it's just whether the 
> name is:
> javax.servlet.jsp.jstl.core.LoopTagStatus
> or
> org.apache.commons.jelly.whatever.LoopTagStatus

But the class-name is irrelevant for Jexl... do you need anything else 
than jexl (or any other reflection-based system) ?


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