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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: [jelly]
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2004 07:54:11 GMT
Maybe one little quick example:

- currently, jelly-swing's ComponentTag calls, somewhere down in its 
doTag() findAncestorWithClass(ContainerTag.class) to which they call 
addComponent... At least one major drawback: putting such in a defined 
tag does not work unless you go till the top-level container in the 
defined tag (so no re-used swing script-snippets). Many other issues...
- proposed: jelly-swing's ComponentTag should call, in its doTag(),
   Advantage: works with scripts.

- currently: jelly-sql can only define variables with the current 
   Instead, the result-set could be given as data and the latter be 
transformed by some other tags
   (e.g. a tag that would merge the fields, or extract the only 
interesting ones).

Overall, the idea is to have the ability for a tag to give "return 
value"  that is not XML.

I could produce many more scenarios. Most probably that should affect 
UseBeanTag... though maybe not at first launch. I would propose to 
enrich XMLOutput class itself (by adding the method doing the default 
toString). This should really bother the release, I believe. Then I'd 
like to concentrate on using this jelly-swing, with the hope to be able 
to make a jelly-swing-runner as a browser (maybe for jelly-swing 1.1 or 


Le 6 oct. 04, à 00:05, Dion Gillard a écrit :

> I'm not sure I understand what the use of this method is for Tags and
> TagLibraries, since it's on XML output.
> Can you give us an idea?
> On Tue, 5 Oct 2004 21:31:08 +0200, Paul Libbrecht 
> <> wrote:
>> Dear Jellyers,
>> I'd like to propose an addition to the XMLOutput class, used 
>> throughout
>> Jelly:
>>    a method called data() (or object) accepting any object.
>> By default... take the toString and call characters...
>> Actually, this is the way it is done with the return value of a Jexl
>> expression as part of a text node.
>> But the interesting comes in the non-default case:
>> - a math library could return a polynomial or numerical type... and
>> this could then be further evaluated by parents
>> - the arg element of jelly could actually avoid special treatment as 
>> it
>> has currently
>> - most of my interest applies for jelly-swing: the components would
>> then want to call data(component) on the xmlOutput. The latter could 
>> be
>> filtered by constraint-tags to call data(component-with-constraints).
>> Finally, container tags could, also, filter, and receive the resulting
>> data and add it.
>> I would look forward to comments !

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