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From Blake Meike <>
Subject XML call-param-rule attribute "from-stack" crippled in Digester?
Date Tue, 28 Dec 2004 16:38:42 GMT
  It looks to me as if, the "from-stack" attribute for the
"call-param-rule" element, used in the XML specification of Digester
rules is unnecessarily crippled.

  It appears that the argument to "from-stack" is expected to be "true"
or "false", and is converted to a boolean.  That means that it is
impossible to specify anything other than the top of the stack ("this"
to the object that is the target of the soon-to-come "call-method-rule")
as a parameter.

  If the argument were, instead, integer, and converted to an int, it
would, much more usefully, allow the specification of an arbitrary
object from the stack, as does its programmatic analogue.

  Is the oversite mine, or in the code? :)

Blake Meike

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