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From "Bastian Helfert" <>
Subject Re: [collections] Classes that decorate collections with References?
Date Fri, 24 Dec 2004 14:38:05 GMT
"Jakarta Commons Developers List" <> schrieb am 24.12.04

> Well, here's an example, of the top of my head. A weakly referencing 
> list could be useful for implementing the observer pattern in a 
> situation where you don't want the listeners to be strongly referenced 
> by the event source. If the event source uses such a list to hold its 
> listeners, then as long as the listeners remain strongly referenced, 
> they will continue to receive events from the source. There will be no 
> need to explicitly unregister the listeners, as once they become weakly 
> referenced, then they will effectively be removed from the event 
> listener list automatically.
> Chris

Thank you Chris, this is exactly what I was thinking of :). With such a List, it is possible
to protect developers against creating memory leaks unintentionally, when they forget to invoke
the accordant removeListener(...) method (assuming the list is strongly referenced by a long-living
object). I think there is an Antipattern called "Lapsed Listeners Leak" that describes this
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