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From peter royal <>
Subject Re: [jelly] current context in thread-local ?
Date Mon, 27 Dec 2004 03:00:01 GMT
On Dec 26, 2004, at 3:33 PM, Paul Libbrecht wrote:
> In order to kill the evil caching bug, it looks like putting all 
> script-to-tag storage in the JellyContext is the cleanest idea.
> That means that TagScript.getTag() should become 
> TagScript.getTag(JellyContext currentContext).
> But now, the problem is that the method TagScript.getTag() should be 
> either:
> - suppressed but that's really a big change in the API, I'd just 
> deprecate it
> - pulling the context from such a static method as 
> JellyContext.getCurrentJellyContext()
> I'd go for the second if everyone agrees.

I'd like to fix the API. Lets avoid ThreadLocal usage if at all 
possible :)

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